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[00:00:00] My name is Natalie and I am a UX designer based in London, UK, and the creator of Hoppipop! Online Art, Design and Creativity Bootcamp. The boot camp is for all creatives, who wish to transition from a current career to new one. Or they want to grow their understanding of design and art and creativity.

[00:00:36] Hoppipop! Bootcamp is an online space where you can grow your critical and design thinking processes? As well as the practical skills necessarily to apply as an independent, creator to your projects.

[00:00:55] I have been working in the [00:01:00] design industry for over twenty years, ten of which spent as UX professional, transitioning from visual design to UX as I grew more and more involved in the whole process of developing a digital product.

[00:01:23] If I had someone to guide me through this process, I would certainly have avoided many common pitfalls and mistakes.

[00:01:39] Through Teachable, I understood how and what I could share about my skills and experience to help others in achieving their educational and career goals.

[00:02:00] At Hoppipop! Online boot camp, I take over the role of mentor or coach to guide you through your individual journey by providing guidance, information, resources. and on to face your next career move or to meet your learning goals.

[00:02:29] A deeper understanding of UX and design processes can help all professionals across any organization by improving on workflows, optimizing the decision-making process and technical development process, avoiding overlapping of useless work or meetings or discussions. That's why I wanted to create this space where professionals and students can grow their own understanding and their own skills to apply inn their future or present workplace.

[00:03:15] In What about UX? I wish shoot to grow your routine and methodology of self- learning by studying at your own pace in your own time. Developing those essential critical analysis skills apply to your own projects and working environment.

[00:03:36] The coaching and mentoring part are those essential factors, , in Hoppipop!Boot camp and in particular in what about UX courses? Because again, this come from my experience. I wish I had that professional [00:04:00] figure, to help me through transition time through difficult choice and creating a community of learners that can help each other.

[00:04:11] And help creating a better society or better design is definitely very exciting for me. I look forward to meeting you online, either in the course or on the social media.

[00:04:36] Design is a combination of art and science. It can't be thought as an isolated box as UX is the combination of [00:05:00] look, feel, and usability. We need to understand how art can help us in inspiring us and inspire others through beauty and emotions. Emotions, in particular,help us growing a compassionate empathy. The skill we need to research and investigate and understand our user's needs and goals

[00:05:33] Empathy helps developing our attention for details that is necessary in any digital or physical product. In fact, through the observation of human nature, contexts, behavior, conditions, social environment, working environment. We can [00:06:00] develop a better understanding of the users needs and their emotions. What are their frustrations and their goals and provide those solutions in our designs.

[00:06:17] Finally, Art helps us connecting with the surrounding world and not only with the user, but also understanding deeper the context our users live in.

[00:06:32] Finally, Creativity without discipline and process produces lasting results or solid design solutions and understanding how to challenge our creativity and how to channel our creativity and ideas, how to validate them, to understand whether an idea is good and bad.

[00:07:00] and keep searching our methods help us developing new solutions, but at the same time, share with our teams and peers and find those unexpected and improbable design solution that our users seek or need.

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