Understanding UX processes and disciplines can greatly facilitate a healthier work environment and the successful growth of businesses and projects.

What About UX? is a self-paced course introducing the best practice of User Experience and its importance in today’s world, where digital product development is usually frantic and competitive. A survival guide to help professionals of all age and background to navigate through the complexity of today’s UX world: from beginners in UX, professionals transitioning from one career to a new UX role, or product managers and owners who wish to improve the communication among their teams.

In many work environments, UX roles and disciplines are confused, overlapping or simply ignored. This confusion often leads to miscommunication among individuals and whole teams. In the best-case scenarios, miscommunication can lead to unexpected high development costs, in the worst-cases it may lead to the failure of a project, and frustrated people leaving or being made redundant. Understanding UX roles and disciplines, as well as the success factors that create a valuable and engaging user experience, is not always easy or obvious, but can help you in setting-up lean, transparent, holistic, user-centered design and development processes, that can reduce costs and increase the users satisfaction along with the business' revenues. 

Similarly, UX professionals should be deeply aware of their responsibility in advocating the users’ needs, goals and expectations, which is often the most challenging task when working in silos-mentality or strong-personality-driven environments. However, being clear that bad design decisions won't bring any benefits to the company is not enough, you should provide a design solution that is beneficial both to the users and to the company stakeholders.

While this course is a deep but concise Introduction to UX, I will be referencing the UX best practice and teaching of UX Gurus Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen of the Nielson Norman Group, as well as UX professionals and academics of the Interaction Design Foundation, IDEO, IBM, Google and many others. In the hope that my work will help you to further explore your UX journey, I look forward your thoughts and feedback. 

Thank You!

About the instructor

Hello! My name is Natalie Massone and  I am a UX/UI Design Lead, a certified trainer in the lifelong sector (RQF, L3), and the founder of Hoppipop! Design Studio.

During my career, I could work from start-ups to corporate environments, where I could mentor teams of designers, as well working with multidisciplinary teams across Product, Development and Marketing, improving the usability of their products and creating smoother omnichannel user experiences for their customers.

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